As the pandemic continues to roll on, there is unlikely to be a return to the “old days” of pre-Covid and companies will be looking to reshape their organisations. Key to their success will the ability to be flexible and agile. For many this will include a look at their employee benefits and reworking their offerings.

However, other issues have not disappeared – the ‘battle for talent’ continues to increase and multinational companies are waking up to the fact that employee benefits need to be procured, organised and managed in a more consistent and cost-efficient manner than in the past.

It is increasingly clear that most benefits can be organised in one seamless and centrally managed global insurance programme that ensures that all benefits are procured and managed in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

The key to making this work is effective collaboration between HR, risk and insurance management and other departments such as legal and compliance. It is also about understanding and the sharing of knowledge.

For this reason, Commercial Risk, supported by a number of European risk management associations as well as the International Employee Benefits Association [IEBA] will bring together a group of experts to discuss why it makes sense to procure and manage employee benefits within a centrally managed global insurance programme and how HR and risk and insurance management teams could and should work together.

This virtual conference held over two days is designed to provide attendees with education focussed sessions and practical workshops enabling them to gain a better understanding of the importance of collaboration to ensure high quality of service delivery and, of course, achieve significant cost-savings.

Attendance is FREE for all delegates.

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